JT65 Basics

JT65 – The Basics

JT65 is one of the more specialist data modes that I’ve played with, but I must admit, it’s quite addictive. It’s also great for making contact over distance with low power, where a voice signal just can’t make the trip.

As with modes such as PSK31 and WSPR, you interface your HF rig to a computer, and send out text encoded by your computer over the amateur bands. With JT65, you’re restricted to very small messages, with a limit of 13 characters per message.

This video takes a look at the basics of operating the JT65 mode on HF. It’s a nice digimode to use as it allows you to work stations who are not particularly strong – It is designed as a weak-signal mode so power requirements are minimal, between 5-15watts. In this video, I explore the HB9HQX build of JT65-HF which offers a number of features over the “official” build.
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Useful links :
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WSJT-X by K1JT – JT9 and JT65 Modes
What Is JT65? – The Basics – from Essex Ham
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